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11 ways to keep your dog happy this Christmas

How to keep your dog happy this Christmas

Christmas certainly is the most magical time of the year. Trees appear in homes adorned with shiny baubles, we rush around sprucing up every room, we welcome lots of visitors, we visit others more. In fact, when you think about it, our lives change for just a short period of time.

While we know what we’re up to, our dogs don’t. They’re likely to be confused by the change in routine. But there’s a lot you can do to make them feel a part of it and revel in the festivities just as we do.

Here’s the Country Hounds Christmas guide to keeping your dog safe and healthy: 

  1. Hide the chocolates! We all know the harm it can do to dogs so take extra care and don’t put edible ornaments on the tree – they’re just too tempting for our furry friends! And know what is in every present under the tree, if you’ve had a Secret Santa, it’s best to keep that out of reach too just in case.
  2. Make sure there are no trailing cables. Fairy lights are not an option are they!? They look gorgeously festive, but they all come with cables. Keep all cables tidy to avoid any chewing, or ‘accidently pulling over the tree’ incidents.
  3. Be mindful of the type of decorations you use. Glass baubles can look like balls, and tinsel can look like a tug of war rope to a dog. If there is even the slightest risk of your dog wanting to play with a decoration, leave it in the box or place it high up out of sight and reach.
  4. Limit candle usage. Wagging tails and lit candles are never a good mix. The best-case scenario is that the flame gets wafted out. I think we all know what the worst-case scenario is here!
  5. Provide healthy dog-friendly treats. Instead of having your dogs drooling as they watch you eat, make sure to distract them with their very own nutritious snacks. Don’t be tempted to give them what you’re eating. Check out our recommended treats and chews.
  6. Pamper your pooch. With more visitors, and everyone getting dressed up, your dog will hopefully be receiving more cuddles than ever. To get them looking and smelling their very best invest in some natural, eco-friendly products. We’ve some gorgeous grooming products in our shop that won’t impact the planet.
  7. Let them open their own pressies too! Obviously, your dog will want to join in the ‘game’ of ripping paper to see what’s inside. Wrap up a present for them too and pop it under the tree. We’ve some amazing presents in our shop, including the cutest Green & Wilds Rudy The Reindeer.
  8. Give them their very own cake. Just picture this, you’re settling in to watch a film with a drink and a slice of something fancy. Again, you don’t want your dog to be watching your every arm movement with anticipation. This year, we’ve sourced the healthiest pupcakes and woofmas cakes. We’ve also got a Christmas Cake Mix for dogs too if you fancy making them a cake yourself!
  9. Get outdoors. Try not to disrupt their walking routine, being outside with you is their favourite part of the day. You can always ask your guests to come for a walk with you or use the walk as an excuse to get out of the washing up!
  10. Tell your younger visitors how to behave with the dog. Some dogs love the boisterousness of children, some don’t. If your dog is not so keen, take time to explain to the children what they can and cannot do with your dog. To be honest, this advice is sometimes relevant to grownups too!
  11. Create a quite space. Your dog’s usual resting place may be taken up by other activities over Christmas. That cosy spot in front of the fire, that mat in the kitchen or that particular part of the sofa may be a tad noisier than usual. Spend a bit of time creating another quiet place for them and fill it with their favourite toys and blankets.

With all the preparations made, it’s time to pop your feet up, relax, stick on some Bublé, and ENJOY! And don’t forget to take stacks of photos too. Making memories with our pets is priceless!

Happy Christmas everyone!


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