Following our meet and greet we will provide further details to you so you can pay via BACS for your 4 week trial period. If you decide you’d like to join us after that you will be provided with a link to set up your direct debit. All payments are taken via direct debit.

Prices start from £25 per day which includes pick-up and drop-off in our electric van.

We’ve thought of everything your dog will need during the day, but we’re happy for you to bring in something from home: a coat, a blanket, toys (if they are happy to share!). If you have a puppy that needs a ‘calorie top up’ during the day just let us know and provide us with their preferred food.

Yes. As part of our service Carrie will pick your dog up in the morning and drop off later that afternoon. Our dedicated van has been kitted out with individual comfortable crates to make the journey stress free.

All we ask is that your dog is used to travelling in a car and doesn’t get over anxious or travel sick.

Unfortunately not, not only might we be out picking up other dogs when you arrive but we also find that having other people coming and going disrupts the dogs and causes unnecessary excitement/ stress so that is why we offer a pick-up and drop-off service.

We will attempt to contact you on the numbers provided by you during our initial consultation. If we cannot get hold of you and believe the problem to be serious enough we will take your dog to the vet – we are not liable for any costs of veterinary care.

We ask that if you are not going to be home on a regular basis that you leave a key out for us. Some of our customers have a secure key box fitted to the outside of the house so they can provide the code to us to get the key out.

Dog Daycare licensing is not currently a requirement within Wales. We have familiarised ourselves with the English licence so we are aware of what an outstanding dog daycare facility needs to have and do. We aim to follow this until guidance for Welsh businesses is provided.

Yes, we don’t have any dogs join us before we meet them and their owners. If we are unhappy with anything and feel that your dog will not fit in then we always maintain the right to refuse any dog. If you don’t feel that we are the right fit for you and your dog then that is fine also.

Yes there will always be a member of the team on-site at all times. We have a maximum of 9 dogs in our care and can’t watch each individual dog constantly but they will be under supervision.

Yes all dogs must stay up to date with their vaccinations – proof must be provided.

As we only take up to 10 dogs a day we ask that we are given a weeks’ notice, on the odd occasion we may have spaces available for last-minute bookings but this is very rare!

Be mindful that we are not open over the weekend (unless by prior arrangement) so if you would like daycare on a Monday we will need to know the week before – please don’t leave it to the weekend to book.

Yes, but we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. You must use your regular number of days within each week. If you cancel and want to re-book another day within the same week we cannot guarantee that the day will be available.

Any days not used can be carried over.

We welcome puppies from 12 weeks old providing they have had all of their vaccinations, toilet and crate training. We love to watch them explore everything new, develop and learn. Puppies must have spent at least 2 weeks in your home before attending Country Hounds.

One of our puppy’s owners said: “My young pup’s behaviour has really improved since meeting the other dogs at Country Hounds, he’s made some great doggy friends there.”

As puppies need feeding more regularly than the older dogs please provide us with their preferred food so they can continue to grow big and strong!

When it’s wet it’s inevitable that your dog will end up with muddy paws, legs and tummies. We don’t want all of our mud going home with your dog, so we’ll give them a quick wash down and dry before bringing them back to you.

This does not guarantee that they won’t get muddy paws again whilst getting in and out of the van before arriving at your home!

In order to provide that very highest of standards and keep the environment fun and friendly for all dogs we need to keep the number of dogs attending on a daily basis low. This unfortunately means that we cannot take ad-hoc booking unless you are a regular member.

We have an indoor play area that can accommodate 10 dogs, for dogs that don’t want to go outside in the rain they are welcome to play indoors or have a snooze in the cozy lounge area.

There is a minimum booking of one day per week, which will be the same day each week to provide the routine and stability that your dog craves!  You can add on additional days and swap days (subject to availability). We need at least one weeks’ notice for bookings, the earlier you book the higher chance of being able to book specific days. Our customers that have the same days each week have priority over those days.

No, we don’t. We do have some contacts that offer this service so please get in touch to find out more but we are a daycare only centre.

We can arrange this for our members-only on the odd occasion but we don’t offer it every weekend.

Yes! We do accept puppies that have not been neutered or spayed but we would need females to be spayed after their first season if not before, at the earliest opportunity and males to be neutered when they have fully matured.

If you have a puppy then we understand that they need to be eating more often, in which case then yes of course we can!

If your adult dog is used to having’ lunch’ then we can feed them but we often find that in the daycare environment most do not want to eat as there are far more exciting things going on and they don’t want to be separated from friends. For obvious reasons we have to separate dogs whilst they are being fed.

A day in the life...


Pick ups in the Country Hounds van!


The day starts with lots of play as the dogs get reacquainted with their friends and get to know any new faces. This kind of morning greeting certainly burns off lots of energy!


For the younger and older members of the group it’s rest time in the cosy dog lounge. For the others, it’s now time for some calmer play with structure and learning.


Another chance for a blast around the field or some more sniffing and digging.


After lots of play involving running, sniffing and chasing it’s time for rest and a well-earned nap. Lunch will be served to the puppies and dogs who need it and who’s owners have supplied food.


The final wash and brush with plenty of cuddles and calm before home time.


Drop-offs and goodbyes.