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Dog-Friendly Advent Calendars

12 reasons why your dog’s tail will be extra waggly this Christmas

We’ll soon be posting out your dog’s advent calendars. But don’t panic, you’ve got until the 21st November to get your orders in if you haven’t done so already.

Here at Country Hounds, we work hard to bring out the very best of our four-legged companions – everything we do is to protect their health and protect the environment in which they live. And our advent calendar range is no different; we’re so excited for you to start opening the doors from the 1st of December and for those tails to start wagging!

Behind every door will be a natural treat that tastes great, does good, and won’t impact our planet.

Country Hounds’ 12 days of Christmas

The love we have for our dogs is unmeasurable and the love we receive back from them is the most wonderful gift ever. So, what can we do to show them this love besides joining them on glorious walks, giving magical ear and tummy tickles, and cuddling up on the sofa?

With treats that do them the world of good of course– treats that make them feel good inside and make them look super adorable from the outside.

Here’s our Christmas countdown to tell you why natural treats are the best:

  1. Your pups will love you for giving them premium grade meat treats.
  2. They’ll grow strong with the single source protein.
  3. You can relax knowing that the products have been responsibly sourced.
  4. Even dogs with allergies will be able to enjoy them.
  5. Young pooches from 4 weeks will benefit from all the goodness.
  6. Everything is guaranteed to be 100% natural.
  7. They’re perfect for delicate tummies. You’ll be glad that they’re easy to digest too!
  8. No need to worry about waistlines as the treats are low in fat.
  9. There’s not a preservative or grain in sight!
  10. Did we mention that they’re incredibly tasty?
  11. Teeth will gleam,
  12. And coats will shine thanks to the nutritious content.

Which calendar will your dog love the most?

Just like their owners, every dog has a preference when it comes to treats. You have three options to choose from when ordering:

  1. Venison and Turkey
  2. Ostrich
  3. Natural baked biscuits

A little something for you too

When you order your dog friendly advent calendar you may be tempted to pop a few more gifts into the shopping basket too. No problem, it is for Christmas after all. To say a huge thank you for supporting our small, independent business you’ll receive free postage for any order over £30.

Our eco-friendly guarantee

Country Hounds only source products from other companies that share our values. The companies we collaborate with also work hard to boost the health of animals and work in a way that protects our wonderful world.*

Happy shopping everyone! Here’s the link to our Christmas shop.


*if you’re ordering the JR Pets Products calendars please note that only the outer packaging is 100% recyclable.

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