100% Plastic Free

100% UK Based

100% Free Delivery

It’s time to address the mess!

Our monthly subscription is the easy way to switch to sustainability, embrace the eco and protect the planet.

Our 100% plastic-free dog poo bags are made right here in the UK.

We’ll never charge for postage and packaging.

The Poo Bag Club’s mission is to keep Britain’s pavements and fields clean & to keep our environment even cleaner. That’s why we make your dogs’ business, our business.

Being a responsible dog owner just reached a new level with our planet-friendly poo bags!

100% Plastic Free

100% UK Based

100% Free Delivery

Zero Plastic

Our poo bags are made from compostable corn starch so they break down naturally. They’re just as tough as plastic bags so you don’t have to revise your scooping action! We use minimum packaging, and everything is plastic-free, including the labels.

UK Based

We’re so proud to say that our poo bags are manufactured in the UK. This is something that’s so important to us as it massively reduces air miles and supports our economy too. Plus, we exclusively deliver to the UK.

Free Delivery

If you have to deal with a lot of crap every day, we don’t want to add to that. No matter the size of your order of poo bags we won’t charge you any extra for delivery.

How it Works

Pick your Quantity

We offer 3 sizes of packs:

90 bags | 3 bags per day

180 bag | 6 bags per day

360 bags | 12 bags per day


To prevent you from getting caught short, our monthly subscription service is super simple. It just takes a couple of minutes to sign up and we take payments via debit or credit card.

Stay in Control

When you subscribe, we’ll provide you with your own login details. If you’ve underestimated, or overestimated just how many times your dog's poop, don’t panic. Simply amend or pause your order from your account.


Certified Compostable


Plastic Free

FSC Certified

Meet The Poo Bag Club Testers

 After vigorous testing, the eco-friendly bags got a thumbs up from me and a wagging tail approval from the two enthusiastic testers. The verdict is in! These bags are tough enough to cope with Steven’s pit-stops, and are big enough to accommodate Ellie’s large deposits!

Ellie, the Fox Red Labrador

When you see a yellow furry blur whizzing round in circles, you know what’s about to happen! She does love to check out her chosen patch at breakneck speed before settling in for a significantly sized poop. Ellie’s twice daily habit is like clockwork, you could set your watch by her.

Steven, the Beagle

Steven’s the life and soul at doggy day care and loves to show off his sniffing skills. He has trouble staying in one spot for more than a second. Until it’s time to poop. Then he finds a quiet spot once a day. I think he aims to defy gravity by pooping up bushes!

About Me!

Hi … I’m Carrie Jones, founder of Country Hounds and The Poo Bag Club. 

In 2018 I fulfilled my dream of owning a doggy day care centre, Country Hounds in Wrexham. I love dogs, always have, so as you can imagine I’m very hands on when caring for the dogs.

Country Hounds occupies a very large field with obstacle courses, water features and stables for the dogs to relax in when they’re not sniffing, splashing and running about. Most of my ‘clients’ are large dogs. And you know that what means? That’s right, A LOT of doo-doo!

As I said before, I’m hands on. I do all the scooping. It bothered me that despite a lot of research I couldn’t find a plastic-free dog poo bag that was made here in the UK. I also looked for monthly subscriptions to avoid ever running out, but couldn’t find anyone who offered this delivery service.

And that was it. The plans for The Dog Poo Bag Club started. My aim was to source plastic-free dog poo bags that are manufactured right here in the UK and to start a subscription service to UK addresses. It took quite a bit of doing but I got there!

Let’s face it, it’s never going to be a pleasurable experience picking up poop but knowing that every time I bend down to scoop it up, I’m not putting it in a bag that’s going to take up to 1000 years to decompose (yes, that’s right up to 1000 years) makes me feel so much better.

Thank you so much for caring for our planet too!

“Do your bit…Every time you pick up sh!t.”