The Poo Bag Club Plastic Free UK Made Dog Poo Bags

From: £6.95 / month with a 14-day free trial

Sign up today and receive 6 rolls absolutely free for you to try out! Your first monthly payment will be taken after 14 days, after which we’ll dispatch the quantity of bags you have chosen, unless you decide to cancel.

Our monthly subscription is the easy way to switch to sustainability, embrace the eco and protect the planet.

Our 100% plastic-free dog poo bags are made right here in the UK. Made from compostable corn starch so they break down naturally. They’re just as tough as plastic bags so you don’t have to revise your scooping action!

We have reduced the amount of unnecessary waste (even if it is recycled or plastic-free), if it’s not needed then why use it! We have removed the cardboard cores from our poo bags rolls – why do they exist? There is no purpose for them!

All our bags are supplied in ONE box or envelope (our smallest pack comes in a cardboard envelope and our medium and large pack come in a recyclable cardboard box) which is for storage and shipping, that’s it…not one for storage and then another for shipping! Even the postage labels are plastic-free!

As an added bonus we’ll never charge for postage and packaging.



How it works:

Pick your Quantity

We offer 3 sizes of packs.

Our most popular pack is 360 bags…that’s enough for 12 poops a day, perfect for multi-dog households, dog walkers and other pet business professionals!


To prevent you from getting caught short, our monthly subscription service is super simple.

It just takes a couple of minutes to sign up and we take payments via debit or credit card.

Stay in Control

When you subscribe, we’ll provide you with your own login details.

If you’ve underestimated, or overestimated just how many times your dog’s poop, don’t panic. Simply amend or pause your order from your account.

Additional information

Quantity per month

90 (3 bags per day), 180 (6 bags per day), 360 (12 bags per day)